Minimalist Style of Narrow Coffee Table

Minimalist Style of Narrow Coffee Table

Narrow coffee table design adopts a minimalist style as a special characteristic possessed. This table has a rectangular shape with dimensions of low thickness. Functionality to fulfill the room becomes more special than other types of coffee table. The top surface of the table is made thin with a long table suitable to be paired with any type of chair. Then more table leg looks thin but has a power that is not inferior to other tables. That is because a meeting between a surface of the tables and chairs locked firmly so as not susceptible hold objects on it. A simple model conveys the impression of rustic accent. Although simple in terms of the model but still impressive both collaborated with a modern style.

Narrow coffee table form is made of two main materials. The material used is wood and metallic. Coffee table made from wood material made very simple with the composition of the board cuts in the top part of the table. Lengthy battens are attached as the main foundation on this table. Furthermore, coffee table made of metallic material. Metal metallic materials are also has the same shape and that looks very thin. Despite being thin is not feared for the strength. With this material coffee table easier to clean and has a lifespan use of highly durable. The structure of the table was formed to obtain precise line between meeting metal rod. Coffee table metallic is no less interesting than the wood.

Narrow coffee table obtains a smooth touch on the surface. The colors used are brown and silver. As in general that is characteristic for its dark brown wood materials. Full silver color applied to the metal coffee table. Area for storage is also available with some space under the top surface is the desk drawer. You can also choose coffee table with a combination of two materials between wood and metal. Metal is used as a frame that surrounds the piece of wood on the top surface of the table and reinforced with metal rods stands as a sturdy table leg.

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